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October Employee of the Month: Debbie Mullins

Our October Employee of the Month is truly BRVC’s secret weapon. As Administrative Assistant, Debbie Mullins works behind the scenes to support the smooth operation of our hospital...

Ask Your Vet: Peanut Butter Safety Warning by Stefanie Wong, DVM

Breaking News: We just learned that xylitol, a sugar substitute most commonly seen in sugar-free gum and other sugar-free products, is now showing up in peanut butter and other nut butters...

September Employee of the Month: Janet Jimenez

As Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care continues to grow, we’re proud to share wonderful staff personnel stories from our partner practices! This month, our employee of the month is Janet Jimenez, a wonderful Veterinary Technician, working at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and Amador Valley Veterinary Center.

Ask Your Vet: Vet: Diabetes Mellitus By Stefanie Wong, DVM

Does your pet have increased thirst, increased urination and seems to be losing weight despite the fact that they are ravenous or hungry all the time? If so, they may have Diabetes Mellitus (also known as DM).

August Employee of the Month: Helen

Many of our clients will recognize the smiling face and Boston accent of Helen Tarantino – our August Employee of the Month. She has been a fixture of the BRVC reception department for a decade now.  Helen's genuine compassion for animals and their people allow her to connect easily and instantly with our clients...

July Employee of the Month: Jacquie Hernandez

Jacquie’s passion and love for cats played a big role in her decision to start her career at BRVC in 2007, she considers herself a “kitten aficionado.” She moved to San Ramon 4 years ago, and currently lives with her boyfriend and two adorable cats, Kevin and Doug. Her second passion is baseball...

Lives Saved:

Luke*, a 13 year old Samoyed, emerged from his backyard with what sounded like an acute onset of coughing. Luke had been normal just moments before and was in extremely good health...

Ask Your Vet: Chronic Vomiting by Stefanie Wong, DVM

Does your pet vomit on a regular basis (once to several times a week)? If so, this is not normal behavior and may be an indication that your pet has an underlying illness. There are many different causes for chronic vomiting in pets...

June Employee of the Month: Irene Troy

A Bay Area native, Irene grew up in Richmond, California. She attended U.C. Davis – the school both her brother and sister also attended. In fact, her sister is a veterinarian! Irene graduated with a degree in English and started her career as an administrative assistant...

May BRVC Employee of the Month: Stephanie Rodriguez

BRVC is so proud to announce Stephanie Rodriguez as our May 2015 Employee of the Month! We are so lucky to have someone of her caliber contributing to the welfare of our patients and the positive experience of our clients. Congratulations Stephanie and thank you for all you do!

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