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Star: An Island Rescue Story by Meghan and Patrick

In May my boyfriend and I took a trip to Nicaragua where we saw abandoned and malnourished stray dogs everywhere.  It was overwhelming to see this number of street dogs. We wanted to pack them up and take them home.  By the end of our trip we were on a small Caribbean Island called Little Corn; staying in beach bungalows run by a couple from Fort Collins, Colorado.  On our first night we met Star, an extremely abused yet loving island dog.  She had open wounds covering her entire neck which we found out later came from her owner hanging her by lobster rope - a thick, coarse fishing rope.  Immediately we wanted to give her a better life, so for the next week we planned how to take her back with us to California.

Lives Saved: Dexter by Erin Selby with Dr. Leanne Taylor, DVM

They may walk on four legs and have a fur coat but our pets aren’t that different from us - especially when it comes to their health. Just like us, things happen unexpectedly.  Whether it is an emergency situation or a serious health condition, our pets are not immune to the unanticipated, the unforeseen, and the unpredictable. And just like us, health insurance can play a huge part in whether the unexpected becomes an unbearable financial burden.

Dog's are sweet enough - Chocolate and Xylitol Warning

The components of chocolate that make it toxic to dogs are caffeine and theobromine, which fall into a class of drugs called methylxanthines.

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